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Mihael Keehl aka. Mello
United Kingdom
Mello (Mihael Keehl) is the older of L's two potential successors raised in Wammy's House, Watari's orphanage for gifted children, in Winchester, England, United Kingdom. When it is decided that Mello should work with the other successor, Near, Mello refuses, citing an inability to work with Near, to whom he is considered second in ability. Near is more intelligent than Mello, but Mello has more ambition than Near. This results in Near thinking things out better than Mello, but sometimes being so uninterested in his surroundings that he verges on inactivity. Meanwhile, Mello has a brazen and driven personality, driving him (unlike Near) to be the first to resume actively hunting Kira; however, Mello lets his emotions cloud his judgment, often leading to rash decisions that impede his progress.


Silence. That was all that could be heard in the blondes apartment. 
Mello sat on the end of his bed, head facing down towards the door with his chocolate bar in hand. He raised his hand to take a bite but stopped...he wasn't in the mood for chocolate. 

Why is the silence so loud? People say silence can be a good thing for some people.

He placed the bar on the bed and stood up, cracking his back and began walking to his door, he stopped in his tracks as he approached the mirror, he took a glance, his face which had been nothing but neutral had softened. He lifted his hand and allowed his fingers to wander over his scar. A voice spoke inside his head.

Mello you did this to yourself, Mello you selfish bastard! You killed an innocent man, and for what? To save you're own ass!? What would my Mother and Father think?! What...What would L think...? He wouldn't want someone like you to succeed him...maybe...maybe Near IS better than you.

He became angry at himself as he reminisced on his past actions and allowing such thoughts to rest in his head. Mello began to clench his fist, he then swung his arm, allowing his clenched fist to connect to the mirror. The mirror shattered and fell to the floor, Mello stood watching the blood on his hand drip, he needed a bandage.

Maybe...the silence isn't so good for me.

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[Happy Birthday Mello;)]
Wellll... it seems Ryuk just had to steal my notebook once agaaain and now Matt holds onto my Death Note. I'll still try to come around if I caaan... Anything I should know about him? Since I hear you know him better than anyone else...
I really need to keep a better eye on my notebook next time...
Mello chuckled. "Matt's alright, you don't need to worry about him, just keep a close eye on where he leaves it...he can be a little...reckless shall we say"
"L?! Is...that you?!"
Yes Mello, this is me, I am L
[Hey there!! I wonder weather you are interested read my fanfic. I have written it in my main account and is talking about Mello after pressing the bomb button

I hope you like it...]
//This. Is. AWESOME <3.<3
you really captured Mello's way of thinking<3!
[You really think so?! :iconbegplz: Thank you really much! I tried my best to "enter" in Mello's head and I tried to imagine the sequel of his feelings one by one!!:aww:]
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